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The First Hits

Only Room For One, Hit After Hit, Touring Europe, A Quiet Romance, More Success At Home

In December 1963, the Supremes' first album, called Meet the Supremes, was released. The album included “Buttered Popcorn,” “Let Me Go the Right Way,” and “I Want a Guy.” Through 1963, the Supremes continued to tour, and three more singles were released, including “A Breath Taking Guy.” Still, no Supremes song could be considered a hit. The girls kept working, with the hope that something would catch the ears of nationwide radio listeners.

Berry Gordy Jr. was also concerned about the Supremes. He hired songwriters specifically to create the hit song the group needed so badly. As part of this songwriting effort, Gordy hired a trio of cowriters: Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland, who were known as HDH. HDH had written hits for Martha and the Vandellas, including “Heat Wave,” and Gordy felt sure they could do the same for the Supremes.

The first HDH song the Supremes performed, “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes,” went to number twenty-three on the pop charts. That was the most successful of any Supremes song to that point, so the girls felt encouraged by its success. Their next HDH song, “Run, Run, Run,” was a dud, though, and their spirits fell.

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