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The First Hits - A Quiet Romance

ross gordy tour france

As the tour continued on to Germany and France, the Supremes were greeted by adoring fans at every stop. They experienced an acceptance from European audiences that was quite unlike the reception from the segregated audiences they had seen on their tour of the southern United States.

Behind the scenes, Ross and Gordy were beginning to fall in love. When the tour reached its final destination in Paris, France, Gordy told Ross that he loved her. Initially, Ross replied that it would be better if they remained just friends. She didn't want anything to distract her from focusing on her career. Gordy was persistent, though, and by the tour's end, Ross and Gordy were involved in the beginning of an on-again, off-again romance that would last for many years. Though both of them would eventually date other people, they remained very close.

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