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The First Hits - Hit After Hit

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In September and October of 1964, two more HDH songs were released and went straight to number one on the pop charts. “Baby Love” and “Come See About Me” had the same unique sound as “Where Did Our Love Go?” With a catchy, driving beat, Diane's cool lead vocal, and the backing vocals of Flo and Mary, the sound of these songs caught the ears of fans all over the world. Even though the Supremes had not been crazy about these songs to begin with, they knew they had something good going.

Motown artist Mary Wells surprised everyone by switching record labels. Wells had been scheduled to headline an international Motortown Revue tour of Europe in October, but now it looked as if the tour would have to be canceled. Instead, Gordy decided to keep the tour going by sending the Supremes as headliners. The three young ladies from the Brewster Projects were on their way to meet British royalty!

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