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On January 20, 1988, the Supremes were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Mary Wilson was the only member of the Supremes present that night. Florence Ballard had died in 1976; she was represented at the ceremony by her daughter, Lisa Chapman. Diana Ross was unable to attend. The ceremony that night took place more than twenty years after the Supremes' greates…

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The Primettes - No Stopping, Canadian Contest, The Primettes Meet Motown, Motown, The First Audition

The Primettes first appeared at a local union meeting. They rotated lead vocals so that each girl was featured on at least one song. The audience responded with a lot of applause for the girls' performance. Milton Jenkins was pleased and started booking the Primettes at other events. In the beginning, the girls sang covers of hit songs they knew from listening to the radio. Local DJs woul…

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From Primettes to Supremes - A Terrible Event, Trying Again, First Releases, And Then There Were Three, The Motortown Revue

The months that followed the Primettes' first Motown audition were not easy ones. Though the girls agreed to meet each day at the Motown studio after school, it was hard to stay focused on what they wanted to do. Schoolwork and boyfriends were distracting all four girls Betty McGlown was the first to leave the Primettes. Betty had always looked at the group as a fun thing to do, but she h…

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