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End of a Dream - Winding Down

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In October 1969, Diana Ross and the Supremes hosted a TV special at the Hollywood Palace in Los Angeles. Diana was the hostess of the show, which featured comedian Soupy Sales, Motown's Stevie Wonder, and singer and actress Ethel Waters. Waters was famous for being the first black actress to appear in a dramatic play on Broadway. Diana sang a touching musical number with Waters, showcasing the two talented black performers from different generations. Diana was also featured in another dance segment.

This TV special was followed by another variety show from the producers of TCB. The 1969 special was called G.I.T., or Getting It Together, with Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations. The formula for the show was the same as TCB, although this special was filmed in a real Broadway theater. Again Diana, Mary, and Cindy sang covers of Broadway tunes. Again the Temptations performed more traditional R & B and funk numbers. The special included many skits and many solo spots for Diana. The costumes and hairstyles were extravagant.

G.I.T. was not as successful as TCB. The two groups had lost their spark. Diana was now thought of as an independent performer. Her focus was on her own career. In fact, Mary and Cindy were already rehearsing with Jean Terrell, a singer who had been hired as “the next Supreme.” Though no one had announced it yet, Diana Ross was going solo.

Even Motown was not the same. Berry Gordy had moved to Los Angeles, and he was in the process of moving the company's headquarters as well. Though the house known as Hitsville U.S.A. still stood in Detroit, it was no longer the center of activity for the record label.

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