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End of a Dream - Someday

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Not surprisingly, the group's last single was recorded without either Mary or Cindy. Someday We'll Be Together” was a bittersweet song of regret, looking back at life gone by and looking hopefully for a future reunion. Still, it was a sad ending for a group that had struggled so long and come so far.

Did You Know?

On December 2, 1969, an intruder attacked Cindy Birdsong in her Los Angeles home and forced her into his car at knifepoint. Cindy escaped by opening the door and jumping out of the moving car. She was injured and bleeding but soon recovered. Her attacker was arrested the next day in Las Vegas.

Diana Ross and the Supremes made their last television appearance together on The Ed Sullivan Show in mid-December 1969. They performed their last live concert together at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas on January 14, 1970. It was a poignant night for all three women. The audience was supportive and cheered them on for more than an hour. Mary sang solo on “Can't Take My Eyes Off of You.” Diana moved through the audience welcoming Motown performers and their families and encouraging the audience to sing along with the Supremes.

When the evening was over, it was the end of a dream. The Supremes were still Motown recording artists, but only one founding member remained. Mary Wilson was determined to continue the group, but she was tired and sad. She missed the early days when Flo, Diane, and Mary had been excited young performers. She thought Jean Terrell was talented, and she had grown close to Cindy Birdsong, but Mary knew that it would be tough for the group to find success again.

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