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End of a Dream - Beginning Of The End

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Though TCB succeeded by featuring Diana Ross, the same was not true within the Supremes. Diana continued to separate herself from Mary and Cindy as much as possible. The Temptations felt neglected during the filming of the special and were angry about the special treatment Diana received as the star of the show.

Though the Supremes recorded more singles, including “I'm.Livin’ in Shame,” Mary did not perform on the songs. The singles were not successful. Critics said that they did not sound like the Supremes any longer.

Diana's solo appearances on television and in interviews happened more frequently. She appeared as a guest on Laugh-In, a TV comedy show. She also appeared on a special with Lucille Ball and Dinah Shore. In interviews, she began telling people that she was leaving the Supremes and planning her solo career.

Still, no official announcement had been made. The group was still under contract to Motown and still had television specials scheduled. Diana, Mary, and Cindy were still “Diana Ross and the Supremes” even though they weren't spending much time together.

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