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End of a Dream - Taking Care Of Business

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The first special was called TCB: Taking Care of Business, with Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations. The production looked amazing. A great deal of money was spent to make sure the groups looked good, sounded good, and kept the audience happy. At the beginning of TCB, Diana, Mary, and Cindy appeared on a giant see-through stage. A full orchestra was conducted behind them, and a live audience was seated around the stage, which was shaped like a stop sign.

All three women looked amazing, wearing bright, sequined gowns designed by Bob Mackie. Mackie was a designer who made clothes for many female stars at the time, including Cher. In addition to the gowns, each of the Supremes wore a perfectly styled wig and glamorous makeup. After singing their introductions, the Supremes were joined by the Temptations, who Appeared in crushed-velvet suits.

TCB was proof of just how far the Supremes' sound had crossed over. Diana and the Supremes performed only pop tunes in the special—no jazz, no R & B, and no blues were included. They performed a lot of Broadway tunes. Since the Supremes now sang pop exclusively, some critics continued to accuse them of ignoring their soulful beginnings. In contrast, the Temptations continued to sing songs that were very much in the tradition of soul and R & B.

Diana was definitely the featured performer on TCB. In addition to her musical numbers with Mary and Cindy, Diana had many solo parts. During her first solo, she sang the Beatles' “Eleanor Rigby” while wearing pink satin pants and a vest with a big ruffle. She was also featured in a dramatic African dance number. Diana did not sing during the dance, but she whirled about the stage in different African costumes. TCB made it easy to understand why Gordy focused so hard on Diana's talents. She really stood out from the rest of the group. It was not only because she was the lead singer. Diana Ross had very special gifts as a performer. She was able to connect with audiences in a unique way. The preparation and money that had been poured into TCB were well worth it. The special received very high ratings when it aired on December 9, 1968. The sound track album to the show went to number one at the same time.

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