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The Exiles

Sticky Situation, Exiles On Main Street, In The Soup, A Stones Replacement, Changing Times

At the dawn of a new decade (and in the wake of Beatlemania), the Rolling Stones found themselves at the top, enjoying their immense popularity. But they also found themselves with a brand new set of challenges to overcome. Chief among those was the problem of their finances. The Stones had been making huge amounts of money through their touring and record sales, but they found themselves dependent upon their manager, Allen Klein, to give it to them. Allen controlled the money from the New York offices of Rolling Stones, Inc., and he had used much of it for his own gains. On July 30, 1970, the band announced the end of their relationship with Allen.

Also around this time, the band's contract with Decca Records ran out. Instead of re-signing with Decca, they decided to eliminate the middleman and create their own record company. This was a part of Mick Jagger's new plan for the band. He was working as hard as he could to fix the band's finances and organize their affairs, but he had an uphill battle ahead of him.

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