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The Exiles - A Stones Replacement

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The last time the Stones needed a replacement guitarist, it was a secret affair. This time, however, it was well known, and everyone in town wanted the gig. The band was determined to take their time and make sure they had a replacement who would fit in well with the band, especially Keith and Charlie, and who was used to the hard times of the road. They auditioned an endless string of seasoned players, but as soon as Ron Wood walked in, it was obvious he was their man.

Ron was a veteran of the British rock scene, having played with popular and influential British acts like the Faces, Rod Stewart, and Creation. He was also a close friend of Keith's, and Keith and Mick had both appeared on his solo album. Since he had been playing and hanging out with the guys for a while now, it was really no big deal for him to ease right into their routine.

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