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The Exiles - In The Soup

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After setting such a high bar for themselves in 1972, 1973 was bound to look a little bit like a disappointment. Still, they went on to release Goat's Head Soup, the final of five albums with Jimmy Miller. There are many strong tunes on the album, most notably the mysterious ballad “Angie,” but after something as powerful as Exile, almost any record would seem weak. The band also continued touring, this time doing a series of shows in the Far East and Australia. As it turned out, this would be the final tour for Mick Taylor.

Mick Taylor continued to contribute to the band, and he stayed on with them for all of 1973 and most of 1974 (during which they recorded yet another album, It's Only Rock ‘N‘ Roll), but by the end of 1974, he had had it. The band was surprised, and in December they were supposed to record again, so Taylor's departure, which was made official on December 14, 1974, caught them off guard. They found themselves in the shaky position of finding another replacement. In public, though, they did not seem all that worried, with Mick making the remark, “No doubt we can find a brilliant 6'3” blonde guitarist who can do his own makeup.”

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