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Born to Rock

Reginald Finds His Passion, A Performer Already, A Rocky Marriage, Royal Academy Of Music Sees Talent

Pinner, England, is a small town that lies many miles away from the stylish and hip city of London. There are no tall buildings or busy avenues in Pinner, just two-story homes sitting on quiet, tree-lined streets. On March 25, 1947, one of these homes in Middlesex County, 55 Pinner Hill Road, welcomed Reginald Kenneth Dwight into the world. The proud grandparents (in whose house the baby was born) and the parents could not have known dial this child would later become Elton Hercules John—a famous rock star. Instead, Sheila Dwight was happy that her baby boy was born healthy. The baby's father, Stanley Dwight, was absent for his son's birth because he was overseas serving time in England's Royal Air Force (RAF).

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