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Born to Rock - A Performer Already

reggie loved playing piano

It seems natural that at school Reggie took on the role of performer. He would arrive in the morning with a briefcase full of sheet music—single sheets of paper printed on one or both sides with a song's notes—and quietly take his seat. Sometimes, though, he played piano during the morning assembly and soon he was asked to perform at school concerts and open days, events when parents would come visit the school. These were exciting moments for Reggie because he loved playing and he especially loved playing for other people.

At home Reggie was also the performer. When he was only seven years old, he went to a family member's wedding and, when the band was late to arrive, Reggie walked over to the piano and began to play. He played song after song until the band arrived. Moments like this happened frequently because Reginald simply loved playing the piano.

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