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Not Forgotten

No Longer Friends

Though Diana Ross is the godmother of one of Mary Wilson's daughters, they have had a strained relationship for many years. As Mary once explained to CNN, “There has been a wedge in our friendship ever since [Diana] left the group.” Mary, like Flo, had spent years frustrated at being forced into the background while Berry Gordy focused all his efforts on Diana's career. She remained angry with Motown Records for neglecting the Supremes after Diana left.

Mary's relationship with Motown became more troubled after she filed a lawsuit against the company in the 1970s. Motown responded by suing her in return. Eventually the lawsuits were dropped, but it created bad feelings as Mary started her solo career after the Supremes.

The publication of Mary's first autobiography created more tension with Diana. The book Dreamgirl was very honest and did not always paint a flattering picture of Diana. In later years, Mary was criticized for not writing about more positive aspects of her friendship with Diana. Mary responded by writing a second autobiography titled Supreme Faith. That book detailed her life after Diana left the Supremes. In the book, Mary tried to write fairly about her experiences, both positive and negative. Mary did describe times that Diana had supported her in the years after the Supremes, but it was clear that there was still a wide gap between the two old friends.

Diana Ross also wrote her autobiography, Secrets of a Sparrow, in 1993. The book did not address many details of her life as a Supreme. Instead, it presented a glimpse of Diana's journals and poetry. She focused on her dreams and wishes as an artist and a performer. She wrote a great deal about her relationships with her children.

Fun Fact!

In 1985, Diana joined a group of the most well known musicians to record “We Are the World.” The song was wildly popular and helped to raise money for starving children, specifically in Africa.

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