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Not Forgotten

Supremes Come And Go

The Supremes continued to record albums through 1977. They made many attempts to experiment with new music, producers, and sounds. Sadly, they were never again as successful as they were when Flo, Mary, and Diana were singing HDH songs.

The Supremes' lineup continued to change through the '70s. After Lynda Laurence became a Supreme, Jean Terrell left. Cindy Birdsong came back and a new singer, Scherrie Payne, joined. Cindy left again and was replaced by Susaye Green.

It was too confusing for fans to follow. People lost track of who the Supremes were, and they stopped listening to the music. Though Mary Wilson stuck with the group through thick and thin, she spent years sorting through legal problems with Motown Records. Eventually, the Supremes' long life as a group was finished. Mary Wilson became a solo artist, as had Diana Ross.

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