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From Primettes to Supremes

A Terrible Event, Trying Again, First Releases, And Then There Were Three, The Motortown Revue

The months that followed the Primettes' first Motown audition were not easy ones. Though the girls agreed to meet each day at the Motown studio after school, it was hard to stay focused on what they wanted to do. Schoolwork and boyfriends were distracting all four girls

Betty McGlown was the first to leave the Primettes. Betty had always looked at the group as a fun thing to do, but she had other dreams for her life. When she fell in love and decided to get married, she left the group. The remaining Primettes were sad to lose Betty, but they were determined to continue. Since the harmonies they sang were in four parts, it was important for them to find a replacement singer. Through one of Flo's teachers, the girls met Barbara Martin. Barbara was enthusiastic and had good chemistry with the other three performers. She began showing up at the Motown studios with the other girls each day. Before the Primettes could focus on practicing with the new singer, though, Flo mysteriously stopped coming to rehearsals.

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