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From Primettes to Supremes - And Then There Were Three

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Despite a heavy weekend touring schedule, the Supremes were still in school all through 1961. Diane, Flo, and Mary were now high school seniors preparing for graduation. In October, Barbara Martin announced to the group that she was pregnant. The other girls were shocked; Barbara wasn't married, and they didn't know how the situation would reflect on the group.

After thinking things through, Flo and Mary decided it didn't matter, and Barbara agreed to stay as long as she could. Diane believed differently. She felt certain that the Supremes could make it as a trio. Eventually, Barbara's pregnancy forced her to cut back and she left the group. By 1962, the Supremes were a trio.

They weren't a very successful group, though. Audiences around Detroit knew and loved the Supremes, but their records were not getting much radio play. The group had earned itself the nickname the No-Hit Supremes to the girls' embarrassment. Still, they focused on their dreams of success. They continued to record new singles and to tour.

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