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Standing on His Own

Grammy Awards By The Armful!

In March 1974, Stevie appeared at the Grammy Awards. These are the music industry's most prized awards. Stevie dreamed only of touching one to find out what it felt like. He never imagined he would be nominated for a Grammy. But in fact, he was nominated for six! That night in March, Stevie was helped onto the stage five times to collect awards. A few weeks after the Grammys, Stevie performed for the first time since his accident. He sold out New York's Madison Square Garden.

Fulfillingness' First Finale was released the following summer. This was Stevie's fourth one-man album. During the months of recording, Stevie met and fell in love with Yolanda Simmons. They married in the fall and moved into a brownstone house in Manhattan. Stevie and Yolanda's daughter, Aisha Zakia (an African name meaning “strength” and “intelligence”), was born in April 1975.

Stevie returned to the Grammy Awards in 1975 to collect five more Grammys! It seemed like Stevie's musical direction had paid off well. His star power was sealing his place in the music recording history books. He was only twenty-five years old.

Charitable Contributions

Stevie has always given his time and money for social causes. He performed at benefit concerts for children stricken with blindness in Ethiopia. He also performed in Washington, D.C., in 1975 at a benefit called Human Kindness Day, organized by a group of humanitarian foundations. Stevie also performed with John Lennon in several benefits for an organization called One To One to help mentally handicapped children.

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