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Standing on His Own - Breaking (from) The Mold, New York Move, New Company, New Album, New Stevie!

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In 1970, Stevie Wonder produced his second album, Where I'm Coming From. The songs contained Motown's influence, but Stevie had become his own musician. It was clear that Stevie—now twenty—was ready to depart from Motown for good. He simply had to choose the right time.

Together, Stevie and Syreeta wrote each song on the new album. The musical difference between Where I'm Coming From and earlier albums was like night and day. Stevie played all the instruments on the album. His new playing style on the drums, piano, and harmonica stretched his talents in ways his fans were unused to hearing. Many critics thought the husband and wife songwriting team was trying to be too different from the music that was already out there. Fans disagreed, and the album was successful. The following May, Stevie would complete his transformation.

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