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Standing on His Own

New York Move

Stevie thought about signing with another record company. He talked with many companies, but in the end he decided to work alone for a while. He quickly left Detroit and moved into the Howard Johnson Motor Inn in downtown Manhattan. This was close to the Electric Lady Studios on Eighth Street in Greenwich Village. Rock icon Jimi Hendrix had built the studios, Stevie knew the studios were a laid-back place to practice, play, and record. He bought studio time and began to work on a new sound for a new album, Music of My Mind.

Did You Know?

Stevie often worked in the recording studio for more than twenty-four hours at a time. Stevie's blindness helped him ignore the night and day that sighted people often live by.

Once again, Stevie and Syreeta cowrote the lyrics. Stevie began to experiment with synthesizers. Synthesizers are computerized instruments that use electronics to produce sound. Stevie used a Moog synthesizer and an Arp synthesizer. They helped him control every piece of each song's sound. They added the rhythm, horn sections, and string sections to his songs. Stevie then played piano, drums, harmonica, organ, and clavichord. He was a one-man band.

Stevie spent a year in New York. He also spent $250,000 for all that studio time. He recorded forty songs. Stevie also met some people who would help him complete Music of My Mind. The most important person was Johannen Vigoda, a well-known lawyer in the music business. Vigoda and Stevie got to know each other well, and Stevie hired Vigoda to negotiate his next contract.

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