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“Jailhouse Rock”

Military Stirrings And Loving You

Elvis was eligible for the draft in 1957. After the pre-induction physical, he filmed his second movie. The movie title was Loving You, after a song on the sound track. The movie was loosely based on Elvis's career.

Before the movie was shot, Elvis went into a Los Angeles studio to record gospel songs for a religious album, as well as the single “All Shook Up.” Elvis's parents flew out to Hollywood, and Gladys and Vernon can be seen as extras in one scene of Loving You.

After the movie wrapped and before filming his third movie, Elvis Presley bought the Graceland mansion in Memphis for $102,500. He paid almost as much to remodel it. Elvis wanted an eight-foot-square bed, a fifteen-foot sofa, a soda fountain, a chicken coop in the backyard for his mother, and a swimming pool. Graceland's gate featured musical notes and two guitar-playing Elvises. Elvis would always call Graceland home, although he later bought other houses.

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