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Elvis on the Rise

Good-bye To Sun, The Man Behind Elvis Presley: Colonel Tom Parker, Recording At Rca

Elvis worked every weekened on the Louisiana Hayride, toured, and sought publicity. Colonel Parker tried to get the major record label RCA interested in signing Elvis to a record deal. The Colonel intended to be the boy's manager when Elvis's contract was up with Bob Neal.

The Colonel booked Elvis for the Hank Snow and Bill Haley tour. This would bring important publicity for Elvis. Bill Haley said of Elvis: “He had the attitude which most young kids do that he was really going to go out there and stop the show and knock Bill Haley off the stage, which at that time was an impossibility, because we were number one … When I came back after doing my show he was kind of half crying in the dressing room, very downhearted … and I told him, ‘Look, you got a lot of talent.’”

Elvis was the main attraction in his own right at a lot of shows. In west Texas, Johnny Cash was one of the opening acts for Elvis. In Lubbock, Texas, Buddy Holly, who went on to be a big rock and roll star, opened for Elvis.

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