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Elvis on the Rise - Recording At Rca

steve hotel” recorded “heartbreak

In 1956, two days after Elvis's twenty-first birthday, he first recorded at the RCA studios. Chet Atkins, guitar rock legend, coproduced this session with Steve Sholes, the RCA vice president who had signed Elvis. Everyone was nervous. Elvis needed to record great records that would rocket to the top of the charts and bring in lots of money.

Two of the songs recorded would go on to be some of Elvis's most memorable: “Heartbreak Hotel” and “I Was the One.” “Heartbreak Hotel” was a sort of a gloomy song, and Steve Sholes wasn't sure about releasing it as Elvis's first RCA single. He did, though, and the public loved it. It quickly climbed into the national Top 40 chart, and television offers started to pour in.

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