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Climb to Fame

The Moment It Turned, Becoming Elton John, Heading In The Right Direction, Empty Sky Is Released In London

It was just another late night in the studio for Reg when he and Bernie were discovered. Initially, the scene did not seem like it would be remembered as anything but terrible. The studio manager, Ronnie Brohn, came upon Reg in the studio after everyone was supposed to be gone. Ronnie became enraged that Reg was allowed to use the studio after hours. The next day Ronnie went to Stephen James, the day manager, and told him that Caleb Quaye, who worked at the studio, was allowing Reg to use the studio's resources without authority. Stephen James looked at the problem another way. He wondered why a musician was allowed to use the studio and not share his work.

When Stephen asked Caleb why Reg and Bernie did not allow others to listen to their music, Caleb told him it was because the two-man team was not very good. Stephen asked to hear the music anyway, and when he listened, he completely disagreed with Caleb. He thought their music was interesting; it was something new. He took the tape to his father, Dick James, the next day.

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