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Climb to Fame - Becoming Elton John

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On November 7, 1967, Reg and Bernie signed with Dick James Music. However, since both boys were not yet twenty-one, their parents had to be there to witness the signing. Initially, the contract was only for the two musicians to write songs, not perform them. However, as Dick James took the demo tape of the songs around, more and more music executives remarked on Reg's talent.

Only a few months later, Dick offered Reg another deal. This time he wanted to put Reg under contract to record his own music, with lyrics written by Bernie. Again Reg accepted, and soon he was working on producing new songs.

A few nights after Dick offered Reg the record deal, Reg played his last gig with Bluesology. After their first set, Reg approached his band mate Elton Dean and asked a favor of him. He wanted to use Elton's name, but Dean thought that was a lot to ask, so Reg suggested “Elton John.” Elton Dean had no problem with this. That night Reg Dwight became Elton John, and soon the world would know his name.

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