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Climb to Fame

Heading In The Right Direction

The first Elton John single, “I've Been Loving You,” was released in March 1968, the same month as his birthday. The song was a simple ballad written by Stephen James, although Bernie was given full credit as the writer. The song never made it anywhere that summer and it slipped onto dusty shelves like so many unknown artists' work. However, Dick persuaded Elton to put together another demo tape, which got good reviews from music executives around town.

In September 1968, Steven Brown joined DJM. Upon his arrival, it was decided he would be the producer for Bernie and Elton. When Steven heard their newest creation, “Lady Samantha,” a song about a sad medieval woman, he was so impressed he decided the song should be released. After months in the studio, “Lady Samantha” was released on January 10, 1969. Though the song never made it onto the charts, it got the attention of the right people. Trade magazines likes the New Musical Express, Disco, Music Echo, Melody Maker, and Michelin all gave the song rave reviews.

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