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Success Comes Slowly

Bluesology Adds A New Section

Toward the end of 1965, Pat Higgs, a semiprofessional trumpeter, read in a trade publication that an up-and-coming band was looking to add a bass section. Auditions were being held in Middlesex, England. Both Pat and a man named Dave Murphy, a tenor saxophonist, made it to auditions that day and both were welcomed into Bluesology.

Fun Fact!

If Bluesology was not making it on the charts in June 1965, who was? The radio blared that summer with the Rolling Stones' “Satisfaction,” the Byrds' “Mr. Tambourine Man,” and the Kinks' “Set Me Free.”

Their first major performance was at a band contest at a place called the State, a large cinema modeled to look like the Empire State Building. After they played three songs, the band was approached by a representative of the Roy Tempest Agency. He wanted to know if the band would be interested in backing American rhythm and blues (R & B) singers on tour in Britain. Basically, he was offering the band the opportunity to go on the road. The band's answer was an enthusiastic yes!

Reg quit his job at Mills Music the next day. At the age of eighteen, Elton John's long road to fame took its first small steps.

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