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Success Comes Slowly - On The Road

song major reg playing

The first major performer to hire Bluesology was Major Lance, a well-known blues singer whose most remembered song is “Um Um Um Um Um Um.” Reg knew the words by heart because he had listened to Major Lance for years. This was an important moment in the life of Elton John because not only did he get to meet an idol, but Elton got to perform with him as well. Reg's dreams were coming true, and as the weeks rolled by this happened more and more. The band started playing for big names like the Drifters, the Ink Spots, Billy Stewart, Doris Troy, and Patti LaBelle.

While on tour playing for other musicians, the band still played on its own, and in February 1966, Bluesology released another song on the Fontana label. This song, “Mr. Frantic,” was also written by Reg. Again, though, the song was not played on the radio more than a few times.

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