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When you think of the Beach Boys, chances are you picture surfboards, hot rods, and the warm beaches of sunny southern California. What you may not know is that behind the group's fun-loving image and carefree songs are years of hard work, career ups and downs, and personal tragendy. The Beach Boys are, in both their lives and music, more complicated than they first appear. Much of the gr…

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Shut Down - Dennis And The Wizard, Nick Of Time, The Rieley Factor, “in My Room”, New Lows

The next stage in the Beach Boys' career was as notable for its troubled relationships as for the music the group made together. Brian continued to sink further into his depression and was finally forced to seek help. Every member of the group except for Al divorced at least once more, and the band went through several managers who left them worse off financially. And, strangest of all, De…

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