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End of a Dream - Supremes Continued

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Surprisingly, Mary Wilson did not want to step forward as the new lead vocalist for the Supremes. The group could have gone back to rotating lead, the way they had done in the old days when Flo was still a Supreme. Instead, the newest Supreme, Jean Terrell, took over Diana's spot as the lead vocalist. However, the group's name remained the Supremes.

With Jean in place, the Supremes wasted no time in appearing publicly. Just one month after the farewell concert in Las Vegas, the Supremes appeared with the new lineup on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was the first time they performed their new single, “Up the Ladder to the Roof.” Audiences were receptive, and the single did very well on the charts.

As they had done in years past, the Supremes kept up a busy schedule of touring, television appearances, and interviews. Though critics were mixed about the new sound of the Supremes, many fans stuck with them and supported them through the change.

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