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Troubled Times - More Changes

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The name change signaled other changes as well. Diana and Gordy had been very discreet about their relationship, but most employees of Motown knew about their affair. Flo and Mary didn't oppose Diana's relationship with Gordy, but it did mean that she had more access to the man who was in charge of their careers. This caused some friction, since it was apparent that Diana was becoming a solo performer and Flo and Mary were thought of as backup singers. Still, the Supremes stuck together as their careers got even hotter.

Following their huge success at the Copa, the Supremes were booked to play other clubs all over the country. Through the remainder of 1965 and well into 1966, the group continued to release hit singles and albums. “I Hear a Symphony,” ‘You Can't Hurry Love,” and ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On” all went to number one. The Supremes released six albums in 1965 alone!

Not all of the albums were equally successful. Some of them featured special material, like their Christmas album and a tribute album to musician Sam Cooke. The success of the hit singles pushed everything else forward, though. It seemed the group was truly unstoppable.

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