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Satisfaction - Jagger's Wandering Spirit

rock nineties continued solo

The nineties and beginning of the new century, however, did not only belong to the Stones as a band. Mick Jagger, now considered the definition of rock royalty, continued to follow his creative urges and dabble in other art forms.

But Mick Jagger, the rock god, is also a family man, and he had much to celebrate in the nineties. He became the first Rolling Stone grandfather when his daughter Jade had a child. He has also continued to explore his first love, music, releasing 1993's solo Wandering Spirit. He released another solo album in November 2001 called Goddess in the Doorway, which featured an all-star cast of guests including Pete Townshend and retro-rocker Lenny Kravitz. One track, “Joy,” even features the ultra-popular U2 front man, Bono.

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