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Stones on Top - Aftermath Of Success

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The kids loved them so much, in fact, that in a month and a half of touring, the Stones made a staggering $2 million, putting them in the leagues of the very highest class of rock superstars. At the end of the tour, they continued their practice of recording while in the United States, again at RCA Studios in Los Angeles. This time, they set to work recording Aftermath. The first album that included only songs by Mick and Keith, it was as artistic and groundbreaking as any of the classic albums of the period.

The album's “Paint It Black” contained exotic Middle Eastern sounds and was unlike anything in rock and roll up to that point. Brian had learned to use the sitar (a stringed instrument from India with a long neck), and he used it on the song. It lent an air of mystery to the song and started the album with a bang.

Elsewhere on the album, the Stones tried to live up to their reputation as surly bad boys, with seemingly cruel songs like “Under My Thumb” and “Stupid Girl.” Not only did it make for some hair-raising rock, it also helped to set them apart from the friendly Beatles. The Beatles, it seemed, wanted to take you out for a soda and meet your parents, The Stones, on the other hand, sounded like they had different ideas.

The single “Paint It Black,” despite being very progressive and forward sounding, went to number one. The year 1966 turned out to be a banner year for the Stones, with great record sales and steady sellout dates wherever they played. Brian, however, was losing more and more control of the group. His chronic asthma was becoming more of a problem, and it was becoming more apparent that Brian had a mounting drug problem. Also, he seemed more interested in traveling with his girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, than working with the band. Mick and Keith were the ones creating all of the music, so it stood to reason that they would become the new leaders.

Did You Know?

The Stones were aware that they were at their best when they were controversial, so for the cover of their 1967 album Between the Buttons they dressed in drag, with each member of the band dressing like a different female stereotype.

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