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Stones on Top - New Management

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Now that the Stones were getting hot, they found that the heat was too much for their business manager, Eric Easton. For the most part, Eric's partner, Andrew Oldham, handled the creative development of the band, with Eric taking care of financial concerns. Things were quickly getting big for the Stones. With all that growth, they were looking for someone who could handle the big time.

They found their man in American accountant Allen Klein. Allen had made a name for himself as a record company auditor, and he had won artists, such as soul legend Sam Cooke, thousands of dollars that had been unfairly withheld from them by record companies. A New Jersey native, Allen wore unstylish suits, but he was a fierce and intelligent businessman. On August 28, the Stones signed a deal with Allen to make him and Andrew their official comanagers, with Allen running business from his New York office while Andrew controlled things from the road.

With new management in hand, the Stones continued to tour. They began their fourth tour of the United States, and this time “Satisfaction” had thrown them from the lower levels of fame into sheer superstardom. There were no more half-empty houses where they played, and their increased profile saw them making more money. Despite all the acceptance of their music by American youth, though, adults all over were still frightened and disgusted by the band. With Mick's hip shaking, the band members' long hair, and their sexually suggestive lyrics, they were seen as nothing less than the decline of Western civilization by many, which, of course, made kids love them more.

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