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Always New Directions - A Look Into The Future

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Stevie Wonder's future will be much like his recent past: He plans to continue producing, writing, and recording music. He even plans to write an autobiography. No tours are planned, but Stevie always seems to show up at a benefit concert or special event. He is known for showing up on stage with some of today's most famous musicians. This is Stevie's life, and he is happy with the success and fun that it has given him. Stevie is a much more private person than he once was. Whether this is because music has moved in so many directions since his glory years in the 1970s is a subject for debate. Stevie easily puts his life and music in focus: “You know that you're going to have moments when there will be personal things that deal with just your personal life that are significant only to yourself. You still have to face the audience and do the performance. But as much as possible, if you realize that being yourself is being the artist that you are, then who you are pretty much comes from what you are as a person.”

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