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“Good Rockin' Tonight” - On Tour

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The band continued to tour the South and the Southwest. Sometimes audiences loved what Elvis was doing, and sometimes they were hostile. Many young men didn't like how their girlfriends screamed and went crazy over the sexy young singer. Elvis was a quick learner. He refined his stage persona at every performance, through trial and error. If the audience went wild for one of his movements, Elvis remembered it and worked it into the act again.

Elvis loved shopping, and he carefully chose his onstage wardrobe. His favorite colors were pink and black. Elvis bought his clothes at Lansky's on Beale Street in Memphis. He bought a striped sports coat with a velvet collar. Guy Lansky recalled later that Elvis loved it so much that he kept it for many years after he had first bought it.

Elvis made enough money for manager Bob Neal to set up the band's offices in Memphis. Neal started an Elvis Presley fan club and ordered stationery in pink and black. Elvis bought cool cars, among them a pink Ford and a pink Cadillac. Still, Elvis continued to tour as one of the opening acts for more established performers and to rehearse when he was in Memphis. More and more often, Elvis stole the show whenever he performed.

Fun Fact!

The name “Elvis” is taken from the Scandinavian name “Alviss,” meaning “all wise.” His middle name, Aron, is from the Bible. Elvis's middle name was spelled with one a on his birth certificate but with two a's on his tombstone. Some think this is a sign that Elvis is still alive.

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