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“Good Rockin' Tonight” - Working Hard

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Elvis's second single, “Good Rockin' Tonight,” was making its way up the Memphis charts. It got to number three on the charts, and Billboard magazine gave it a good review, but it didn't do well outside of Memphis. The B-side of this single was a version of “I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine,” a song made popular by Dean Martin. By putting a bluesy, country song on one side and a popular tune on the other side, Sam Phillips showed his continued commitment to pairing different musical styles.

Sam Phillips was more convinced than ever that he had found a kindred spirit in Elvis Presley, both musically and in the mission of promoting black R & B. Sam Phillips said, “The lack of prejudice on the part of Elvis Presley had to be one of the biggest things that ever could have happened to us, though. It was almost subversive, sneaking around through the music…”

It is interesting that Sam Phillips had so much faith in Elvis's lack of prejudice. In later years, critics of Elvis would charge him with stealing the thunder of rock and roll from black performers. These were, critics maintained, the true pioneers of rock and roll. Some critics also believed that these true pioneers were never credited properly by Elvis.

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