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Down but Never Out - Wedding Bells

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In Los Angeles, Aretha met actor Glynn Turman. Turman had been a successful stage actor who was now working in television and films. Aretha knew his work from the movie Cooley High. They began dating and soon fell in love. In late 1977, Glynn asked Aretha to marry him. She said yes.

At last Aretha was able to plan the big wedding she had always wanted in Detroit. Though her father was wary of Glynn because Aretha had not known him for very long, he agreed to marry them at New Bethel Baptist Church. On April 11, 1978, Aretha and Glynn were married. Prior to their wedding, they signed a prenuptial agreement that protected Aretha's finances and property in the event of a divorce.

The wedding was beautiful. Aretha's sister, Carolyn, and her cousin, Brenda, both performed songs they had written especially for the event. Aretha was surrounded by her large family and hundreds of friends. The following day, Aretha and Glynn hosted a reception in Beverly Hills for 500 people. Photographers from Time and Ebony captured the festivities.

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