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Down but Never Out - Separate Ways

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Though she had slimmed down during her years with Ken Cunningham, Aretha had not managed to quit smoking. She was still smoking up to two packs of cigarettes a day, which was terrible for her health and voice. Ken had often warned her that she would encounter health problems unless she managed to quit smoking. During a concert in Pittsburgh, Aretha found that she couldn't catch her breath. She knew she was headed for trouble. Unfortunately, there was more trouble in store.

Aretha's brother, Cecil, had been her business manager for several years and he began to have disagreements with Ken. There were no violent arguments as there might have been with Ted White, but the friction between the two men made Aretha unhappy.

Aretha moved to Los Angeles during this time. Ken was happier living in New York and he kept his home there. Gradually they grew apart. They had shared a long, successful relationship, but in 1977 they broke up. Aretha was single again for the first time in many years. But not for long!

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