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On a Roll

Stone Steady

Now that they had a lineup they were happy with, the Rolling Stones could get on with the business of conquering the pop world. They had already been playing the gig they inherited from Alexis Korner at the Marquee Jazz Club, but they quickly secured themselves another steady engagement at the Crawdaddy Club in the Richmond Station Hotel. This would be the first time that they would be exposed to an audience outside of the die-hard jazz fans that came to the Marquee.

Their live reputation began to spread like wildfire. The band was rehearsing and playing so often that they were becoming seasoned in the business of rock and roll. Said Ian Stewart of Keith and Brian, “There was never any suggestion of a lead and rhythm guitar player. They were two guitar players that were like someone's right and left hand.” The rest of the band also found a comfortable groove, and it was clear that things were going to happen.

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