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“and Your Dream Comes True”

Against the odds, Brian Wilson outlived both his younger brothers and the troubled times that nearly cost him his own life. He managed to stay fit and drug-free after leaving Dr. Landy's care for good, and even started a second family in 1995 with his new wife, Melinda Ledbetter.

Brian's persistence has paid off in the past few years. He was the subject of a successful documentary called I Just Wasn't Made for These Times in 1995, while many considered his 1998 album, Imagination, a worthy follow-up to Pet Sounds. In 2000, Brian was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, where former Beatle Paul McCartney thanked him “for having that ‘thing’ you can do with your music. You just put those notes and those harmonies together, stick a couple of words over the top of it, and you've got me, any day.” In March 2001, he was honored with an all-star tribute at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. Performers like Elton John, the Harlem Boys Choir, and Brian's daughters Carnie and Wendy—who had achieved their own musical success as part of the trio Wilson Phillips in the early ‘90s—gathered to sing his praises and perform his music. The gala was broadcast on the TNT network on July 4, 2001. That same season, Brian toured the United States with fellow ‘60s musical icon Paul Simon in a series of sold-out performances that left fans wanting more.

Perhaps best of all, Brian lived to see the one-of-a-kind music he made with his brothers, their cousin, and a high school friend become an enduring part of rock and roll history. Through him, the Beach Boys live on.

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