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Shut Down

Dennis And The Wizard, Nick Of Time, The Rieley Factor, “in My Room”, New Lows

The next stage in the Beach Boys' career was as notable for its troubled relationships as for the music the group made together. Brian continued to sink further into his depression and was finally forced to seek help. Every member of the group except for Al divorced at least once more, and the band went through several managers who left them worse off financially. And, strangest of all, Dennis made friends—and later enemies—with one of the most infamous murderers in American history.

On the brighter side, Brian and Marilyn's second daughter, Wendy, was born in October 1969, and the movie-star handsome Dennis appeared in the film Two-Lane Blacktop in 1971. He also met and married Barbara Charren, a young cashier from Indiana, and the couple had two children together. In addition, the Beach Boys added accomplished musicians Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin to their stage lineup to fill in for the absent Brian.

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