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Elvis on the Rise

Good-bye To Sun

Sam Phillips wasn't sure whether he should sell Elvis's contract. He didn't want Sun Studio to be known only as the studio that recorded Elvis Presley. Sam was excited about working with Carl Perkins. Carl Perkins was one of the first musicians who was directly influenced by Elvis Presley's sound and who tried to copy it.

In 1955, the Presleys and Colonel Parker signed a “special adviser” contract. Colonel Parker, who was a special adviser while Bob Neal was still manager, got record companies to compete over buying Elvis's record contract from Sun. RCA was the Colonel's first choice, partly because he had connections there. RCA had good television and movie connections, too. Elvis was eager to be a movie star.

Sam Phillips sold Elvis's recording contract to RCA for $40,000. Sam Phillips received $35,000 and $5,000 went to Elvis. Because RCA had spent so much money for Elvis Presley's contract, the company would do whatever it took to promote him.

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