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Success Comes Slowly

Making It Big?

On June 3, 1965, Bluesology recorded their record, featuring Reg's original song “Come Back, Baby.” Only a few months later, the song was released and the band heard it played on the radio. Even though it only played for a few weeks before failing ever to appear again, the band had been removed from amateur status. They no longer had to settle for playing at local dances. They could now set their sights on larger, more serious venues, like the Last Chance and the 100 Club—two very cool clubs in London.

On July 22, Bluesology received another big boost to their musical careers: their first write-up. Record Retailer and Music Industry News was a trade magazine, a magazine that concentrates on one area of interest, such as music. They wrote about Bluesology in a positive light and quoted Mick Inkpen about their style of music.

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