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Child of the Gospel

Getting Up To Sing

Reverend Franklin was aware of how gifted young Aretha was, but he did not push her to perform as a child. He encouraged her to continue her piano studies. He gave her time to become aware of the power of her voice. Aretha was a shy girl, and though she loved music, she was not immediately drawn to performing.

Aretha had sung for several years as part of the junior choir at New Bethel Baptist Church. Eventually she began performing as a soloist. Even as a child, Aretha's voice was remarkable. Her voice sounded much older than her years, and people were deeply moved by the way she sang gospel music. Aretha soon found that she could put aside her shyness when she was on stage. She found self-esteem and power in the way that audiences responded to her. She became more confident each time she performed.

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