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Start Up the Eighties - Mick Tv

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For their new tour, the Stones accepted corporate sponsorship from Jovan, Inc., a cologne manufacturer, making it possible for them to launch a very elaborate and exciting show. At this point, the near-bankruptcy the band experienced at the start of the seventies was long gone. Allen Klein still controlled the legal rights for their 1960s music, but everything after that was theirs, and their constant touring had made them one of the richest acts in music.

Another important development that brought the Stones into a new age was the creation of the all-powerful MTV. With the Stones' video “Start Me Up,” from their album Tattoo You, in heavy rotation at the start of MTV, they exposed themselves to a whole new generation of young people. They would continue their involvement with MTV, as well as VHl to the present day, with Mick even giving out the Best Video Award at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

Fun Fact!

On September 21, 1981, Mick Jagger, who had been denying everyone a face-to-face interview, did the only interview of this pre-tour period. Two junior high school girls, ages twelve and thirteen, from North Brookfield, Massachusetts, conducted the interview for their junior high newspaper!

The song “Start Me Up” first introduced kids to Mick's wild dancing, intense eyes, and expressive mouth, Keith's staggering guitar moves, and the Stones gained a whole new slew of fans. Their 1981 tour, despite the changing face of music, was just as powerful a success as their previous tours.

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