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Stone's Throw from Stardom - Recording, Releasing, And Touring

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The result of their Chess sessions was the album 12 X 5, and on a second trip to America, they were booked on the influential Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan was a TV host who had the power to make or break stars, and his high-rated TV show was the best way for bands to get exposure. The Rolling Stones played the show on October 25, 1964, to an ultra-enthusiastic fan response, both inside and outside the theater. Ed Sullivan was so flustered by all the screaming fans that he said the Stones would never be on his show again, which, veterans of his show realized, meant they definitely would.

They also began their second U.S. tour around this time, trying to avoid some of the places where they had difficulty drumming up enthusiasm the first time. They had a single, “Time Is on My Side,” doing well in the United States, and they found that the fans were multiplying every day in America.

One nagging problem, however, began popping up on the second American tour: Brian's health. Fragile as he was most of the time, being on the road only aggravated his condition further, and the Stones had to leave him behind in Illinois for a portion of the tour. They found themselves playing more and more without Brian, and Mick and Keith were writing more and more songs. Their albums, in fact, were containing fewer and fewer covers, and the balance of power within the band was starting to tip in their favor. Brian had founded the band, and he signed all the contracts for them and controlled the money, but he was rapidly finding himself losing control of the group.

Another tour difficulty for the Stones was the fact that rioting fans were popping up everywhere, not just at their concerts. Anytime someone found out which hotel the boys were staying in, they would be mercilessly hounded, and the hotel would inevitably be trashed by crazy teens. It got to the point where many hotels would not let the band stay there, and they would have to split up just to find places that would give them lodging. Even their transportation was getting trashed. When they couldn't get away fast enough, fans would tear their limos apart, even caving in roofs. It was getting insane, but the band had no choice but to roll with the punches.

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