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From Pebbles to Stones - Getting It Together

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Around the time that Mick and Keith reconnected, a British musician named Alexis Korner was starting to make the scene. He had recently started a band with some local rockers, including a drummer named Charlie Watts. One night when Mick and Keith went out to see Alex's band play, he had a guest guitarist sit in. They were instantly blown away by the guitarist's rendition of bluesman Elmore James's “Dust My Broom.” The guitarist was Brian Jones.

Fun Fact!

At the beginning of their live music career, Mick Jagger had so little room to move on the small stages of the venues they played that he had to create some strange dances all his own. Later, as the band gained popularity, he worked the moves into his special trademark dancing. Jagger's often-imitated hip swinging and jerking around are still present in his performances to this day.

After the show, Mick and Keith got to talking with Brian. He was eager to get to London, where he could play his guitar to his heart's content. It was clear from the start that Brian, Mick, and Keith would be playing together, and in no time they were all playing with Alexis Korner. In May 1962, a local music paper, Disc, even ran an article, “Singer Joins Korner,” that spoke of Mick's Thursday and Saturday night stands with the band.

Brian, however, was not content just playing occasionally, and he decided to start his own group. Keith wasted no time in reporting to Brian's rehearsals. And another man, Ian “Stu” Stewart, answered an ad Brian placed and came to play the piano. Stu was a boogie-woogie-style piano player from Scotland, and he loved rock and roll because it gave him the opportunity to play as hard as he liked.

Keith spoke to Mick, and pretty soon he was a part of Brian Jones's new rock outfit. At that point it was Brian, Mick, Keith, Stu, and Keith's old friend Dick Taylor. They had two guitars, a bass, a piano, and a singer who also played harmonica. They were still in need of a drummer, but they had become a band, and things were starting to gel.

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