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1967–1968 - Submarines And Meanies

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The Beatles attended the London premiere of a new animated film called Yellow Submarine in July 1968. The film marked the end of the Beatles psychedelic phase, but interestingly it does not feature their voices (other actors did their voices in the film), and the soundtrack features only four new songs. The film itself is a funny, nonsensical, colorful fantasy set to previously recorded Beatle music. The Beatles only participation was a “live” appearance as themselves at the end of the film, basically to say “thanks” for watching the film. The whole package was an opportunity to market more Beatles merchandise, from Blue Meanie stickers to wristwatches. (Blue Meanies were the fictional villains in the film.)

The premiere marked the last time the group was mobbed by hysterical crowds. The group themselves approved of the production. “I liked the film. I think it's a classic,” said George. “That film works for every generation—every baby, three, four years old, goes through Yellow Submarine.”

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