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There is a week-long vigil held annually at Graceland to commemorate Elvis's death. There are fans who insist that Elvis faked his death and that he has been spotted at various places around the world. It would seem that Elvis's death had little impact on his legendary popularity: Elvis recordings, photos, movies, and merchandise continue to be big business. There are countless Elvis books, novels, plays, velvet paintings, posters, magazines, fan clubs, Web sites, and even churches. Many entertainers make their livings as Elvis impersonators.

Elvis's musical achievement is clear: He pioneered rock and roll and influenced a generation of performers. His music and his image are synonymous with 1950s rock and roll, and his influence is evident even today. Although Elvis's 1960s and 1970s material differed from the material that had made him famous, Elvis sang all of his songs with soul. He made even trite lyrics and uninspired musical arrangements special. The scope of his musical vision embraced R & B, gospel, blues, and country music; from singing sweet ballads to growling rock songs. He was a gifted singer with many different vocal styles. In life, he was rich in the charisma that led young girls to faint with ecstasy when he appeared onstage. In death, he remains unforgettable and legendary. He is Elvis Presley, the one and only king of rock and roll. Long live the King.

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